Asta Film was founded in 2002 by Producer Per Holst.

Per Holst is an iconic and well-established Producer in Denmark, Scandinavia and throughout the rest of Europe and US. He has made numerous features and established aspiring talents and well-known worldwide creatives.

Per Holst is a three-time Academy Award Nominee (with “Pelle the conqueror”, “Evil” and “All things fair”) one-time Academy Award winner for best foreign film, as well as Award winner of Cannes Palme d’or, The Berlinale and Rome Internationale film festival.

Asta Film is managed by Per Holst, Pelle Folmer and Morten Holst.

”Brotherhood” by Nicolo Donato, won The Grand Prize at the International Film Festival in Rome in 2009, “MAX Embarrassing” by Lotte Svendsen won The Golden Slippers in Zlin 2009 and “MAX Embarrassing goes to the Festival” by Lotte Svendsen won the Danish Audience Award 2012. The latest productions are by Lisa Ohlin, “Walk with me” in 2016 and ”What a Circus” by Lotte Svendsen in 2017.

As main producer Asta Film is engaged in all phases of the project, from the sparkling burst of idea brought to daylight, through developments, turns and U-turns, financing, planning of festivals, distribution and marketing.

It is important for us to see the projects Asta Film work upon as singulars and through researching and finding their unique identities drive the marketing approaches and opportunities. They each have their own potentials, which we seek to invoke, recognize and seize in corporation with our partners.